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Basic course compulsory:

Brenter Snowbike partners have committed themselves to instruct every beginner in a Basic course! This helps the newcomer (even it’s used since 1952!) to master and enjoy the Snowbike quickly.

You will be surprised how quickly progress is possible for EVERYONE and how much fun it is!

After completing the Basic Course the participant receives the Brenter Snowbike-Card which enables you to rent a Brenter Snowbike everywhere in the World in a Brenter rental partner! Check the Station map here

Safety in Sport brings Joy and Fun!

Course Details  Time  per person
Basic  min. 4 p
Course for all 2 – 2.5 h CHF   60.00
Basic2  min. 4 p
Course for advanced 2 – 2.5 h CHF   60.00
Basic3  min. 4 p
1/2-day 3.5 h incl. break CHF   80.00
Basic4  min. 4 p
full day 6-8h incl. breaks on request
<4, >8 pers. on request
Private lessons
‘1/2’  or  ‘full day’ on request






Gift Certificate to order in advance:

Gutschein Muster

Gift Certificate sample

Snowbike Brenter C4 - Der Alleskönner

Snowbike Brenter C4 – the Allrounder

Snowbike Junior

Snowbike Junior – for 7-12 years

Snowbike Kiddy - Für die Jüngsten

Snowbike Kiddy – For the Youngest

Snowbike rentals:

During a Course the Snowbike is included. Upon request it is a possibility to rent the Snowbike after the course. If you possess a Snowbike-Card already you can rent a Snowbike by showing the Card at the rental station. Please be advised that Snowbikes for rent are in limited quantity available only.

Advance reservations help to secure a Snowbike for your day.

Snowbike rent: Price changes reserved!

Rent B6,C4; C6*H*,S8*, J4
with ID
CHF Time
 1 day 2 3 4 5 6 7 +day
incl. 2 h
Course 1/2 day incl. 3.5 h
Course 1 day incl. 6-8 h
deposit CHF 300
40.- 3.5 h 60 120 170 220 260 300 320 20
*deposit CHF 500
60.- 3.5 h 80 160 210 250 290 330 360 30
J4: deposit CHF 300
30.- 3.5 h 50 100 140 180 220 250 270 20







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